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Tamoan.kom , it is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world, featuring more than 400 000 product from the various categories, which include electronics, fashion, household products, watches, perfume, and other.

And attracts Tamoan.kom Today, more than 23 million unique visitors per month, and is growing very rapidly due to increased Almttamoinin number over the Internet in the Arab world.

Often called Tamoan.kom b "Amazon Middle East", he works as a site for sale Retail Ktamoan addition to his work for vendors of third parties. And it provides Tamoan.kom experience comfortable and safe Ttamoan with the possibility of online payment, and the possibility of payment in cash upon receipt of goods, and the possibility of returned free of charge.

Founded Tamoan.kom in 2005, and was a pioneer in the field of online Alttamoan in the region as a location auction, and linked to the gate of the Arabs of the Internet "it is written." Upon acquisition of Yahoo, in writing in August (August) 2009, not Tamoan.kom included in the deal, Fanfsal all written to remain part of the Jabbar Internet Group. Then, in early 2011, the site turned into a model Supply sells a fixed price, and then the retail division was launched in late 2011.

In addition to its headquarters in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates; Tamoan.kom meets the needs of local markets, commercial offices to him in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; and the Center for technical development in Jordan and India.

Tamoan.kom, Egypt, bucket Qatar - Doha - Salwa Road, phone fax +971 +9871